How should you cite a recommended article?

When an article is recommended by PCI Comp Stat, you can cite it as follows, by indicating which version of the article has been peer-reviewed and recommended:

  • Gallet R, Froissart R, Ravigné V. (2017) Things softly attained are long retained: Dissecting the Impacts of Selection Regimes on Polymorphism Maintenance in Experimental Spatially Heterogeneous Environments. bioRxiv, 100743, ver. 4 peer-reviewed and recommended by Peer Community In Evolutionary Biology. doi: 10.1101/100743


How should you cite a recommendation?

Each recommendation by PCI Comp Stat has a DOI and can therefore be cited as follows (in your CV and manuscripts):

  • Bedhomme S (2017) Experimental test of the conditions of maintenance of polymorphism under hard and soft selection. Peer Community in Evolutionary Biology, 100020. doi: 10.24072/pci.evolbiol.100020